Friday, June 11, 2010

Rocky Mountain High(er)

Mary Poppins said, "I will stay until the wind changes." And, like ole' MP, the wind has changed for me and is blowing my sails further west into the Rockies.

I didn't know if I should blog about it - I tend to write op-ed style but not usually about myself, then decided that my blog readers deserved to know (although many of you know this before reading this post).

So what's changing? I'm headed to a place where the wine flows like beer, and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano, to a little placed called Aspen. I'm leaving my awesome job at Lijit for another awesome job at a company based north of Aspen called Blue Tent Marketing. I have had such a great 1.5 year run at Lijit working with such fantastic people - it's a bittersweet departure.

The people at Lijit have treated me like family (just ask Boss 1 of 3, Perry, who has seen me cry about 5 times in addition to helping change my car battery). They have allowed me to move around the company and to learn as many skills as I possibly could - really get my hands dirty. It's been, hands down, the coolest company culture I've worked in, and I'm sad to leave it behind.

Simultaneously, the opportunity to work for another company (similar in size, industry, and company culture) in an amazing mountainous setting couldn't be passed up. I'll be trading in the sales path I was on at Lijit for a search engine marketing account manager position at Blue Tent, and am stoked to learn new skills at this company, interact with clients, and make new friends in the office.
The Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake near Aspen

I started this blog because of Lijit - it helped me understand the space I was working in and to connect with the publishers I was working with. Now that I'm moving to a new position at a new company, I really don't need to keep blogging, but I'm going to. Here's why: each post I write receives between 50-100 views. I am totally humbled by this and don't know what's even prompting people to read in the first place but it really is exciting. I receive about one message a week from someone - an old friend, colleague, relative, total stranger, long lost somebody or other, stating that they don't agree with me, really agree with me, really enjoy reading something I've written, the list goes on.

It motivates me to write, knowing that there are many people out there reading this who check it regularly and for some reason are interested in what I have to say. Many of you inspire me to write posts and don't even know it. I can't stress enough by how struck I am by the messages I receive on facebook or via email from people I haven't spoken to in years who reach out merely because something I wrote about struck a chord with them. It's awesome.

I've always written, and always will in one form or another. For the time being, this blog will continue to be updated periodically and will (hopefully) continue to start conversation, inspire, or make people think. Maybe one day I'll throw it all together and write a book, who knows?

The transition three hours into the mountains was not an easy decision because I have worked long and hard to understand what the hell I'm doing at Lijit, build a network of fantastic individuals I'm lucky to call friends, and come to love Boulder and Denver. But with the comfort
I've achieved in just under two years of living here comes the realization that this new challenge was perfectly timed and aligned for me. I have more fantastic people waiting with open arms for me in the Aspen area, a great company to work for, and a world class setting to do the aforementioned in.

Everything really just clicked into place for this move and it truly felt like the right thing to be doing and the right time to be doing it. I wanted to make sure a move to the mountains entailed three things: a culturally stimulating atmosphere, a friend base to begin with, and a job that didn't sacrifice my career goals. The situation I'm moving towards next week hits all three check marks plus many more. I'm in the mountains every weekend, now I get to live there. How cool is that?

For those of you who have helped me make the most of my time on the Front Range, you are invaluable to me. Three hours really isn't very far and I'm certain we'll still be going on adventures together. The people I've spent the last few years of my life with have accepted me unconditionally and it really shows. Below: Smashing my face in a cake for my Lijit departure happy hour yesterday.
I have no doubt that the new adventures I will partake in on the Western Slope will bring me challenges and joys just as every other adventure I have gone on has. I'm excited for this change, and hope that you will all visit me 7,890 feet in the sky.